Shape a new centre of expertise for management consultancy

There has never been a more exciting time to join the Civil Service, developing and implementing policies that will have huge impacts on the people of this country. From meeting ambitious climate targets to recovering from the global COVID19 pandemic, the UK is facing some of the most complex policy decisions in a generation. These complex challenges require innovative and deliverable solutions.

The Government Consulting Hub (GCH) is a new centre of expertise for management consultancy, based in the Cabinet Office in London, Birmingham and Glasgow, providing a range of services to deliver assignments, generate and share knowledge, and build capability across the Civil Service. It is setting new expectations for how we create and apply leading edge solutions, and how we create, share and re-use knowledge.

The Hub works with departments on their highest priorities in a focussed, dynamic and exciting environment. We work at speed and with rigour on the most challenging opportunities across government. We provide impactful and evidenced strategic advice and use our specialist skills to deliver results and meet clients’ needs.

We’re looking for people from a diverse range of backgrounds to join us in shaping the work of the Hub.

As you’ll be working on top priority projects, you can be sure the work will be high-profile, fast-paced and challenging. Professional development is a key part of our offer to you, so specific consultancy experience is not essential for all roles. We look for rigour, strong analytical skills, the ability to find innovative and deliverable solutions, and well-honed communication skills. You’ll need evidence of your ability to solve complex problems and to contribute to the management of exciting assignments and projects. The Hub has a wide range of opportunities on offer, ranging from delivering high profile consultancy assignments, to designing and delivering our skills offer, to implementing the new Consultancy Playbook, and much more. From seeking out new ideas and emerging best practice, to gathering evidence, developing strategic advice, guiding commissioning decisions, and supporting capability building, you will have an exciting, enriching and stretching career – delivering work that has a real impact.

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